Why Save Sekhemka?

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery has been granted accredited status from the Arts Council for many years now. This enables the museum to:
  • apply for grants and funding
  • borrow items from other museums
  • lend items to other museums

If the Sekhemka statue is sold, the museum will lose it's accreditation unless 100% of the proceeds are ring-fenced for use solely by the museum. If funds are diverted elsewhere, no matter how worthy the cause, the museum will be seen to be profiteering and this will cause loss of accreditation.

More specifically for Sekhemka, this is a beautifully wonderful 4,500 year old statue that has previously been on display in Northampton for many decades and it is one of our primary aims to get the statue reinstated on display at the museum.

The statue is part of the town's heritage by virtue of the fact it is here and has been for many years - even if it has nothing to do with shoes!

Our Aims and Objectives are:
  • To retain Sekhemka for Northampton in perpetuity
  • To ensure accreditation for Northampton's Museums
  • Safeguard Northampton’s Greater Heritage

We must stop the sale of the statue to achieve these objectives. Find out what you can do to help here.