Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sekhemka Action Group Survey Results Published

The Save Sekhemka Action Group have today published the results of their survey on the proposed sale of the Sekhemka statue.

In summary, the survey received 80 responses of which around half were resident in Northamptonshire with half from institutions and individuals across the world.

The respondents to this survey show overwhelming support for protecting the museum's accredited status and keeping the statue.

You can read the results of the survey here:

You can view a copy of the survey questions here:

If you have any queries, questions or comments, please do get in touch sekhemka@gmail.com

Monday, 10 December 2012

Museums Association Say NBC Consultation Inadequate

The Museums Association told last week how the consultation completed by Northampton Borough Council was anything but the "extensive and full consultation" it had recommended in advice given several months ago.

The Museums Association website has more information here: http://www.museumsassociation.org/museums-journal/news/01122012-consultation-into-sale-provokes-criticism

A recent article in Northampton's Herald and Post details that 172 responses were received with a report being prepared for the council to consider next steps. Sadly, Councillor Brandon Eldred was quoted as saying "we are keen to sell the statue for as much money as possible", demonstrating that the full implications of losing accredited status and the impact on the museum's future is still not fully understood. The article is linked below.


This action group completed their own survey, the results of which will be available soon.