The Save Sekhemka Action Group aims to stop Northampton Borough Council selling our 4,500 year old Egyptian funerary statue of Sekhemka. It was acquired by Spencer Joshua Alwyne Compton, 2nd Marquess of Northampton over 150 years ago. It is unique, there is no other statue like it in a UK museum and it has enthralled and delighted Northampton people since it was put on display in the 1860s. We want to see it back on display to delight future generations of Northampton people. 

The current plans that Northampton Borough Council have do not just threaten the future of the statue, but the future of the entire Museum and we need your help!

Please explore this site and you will find information on who exactly we are, what we are going to achieve and why, and how you can help us.

Thank you for your support!